A Message from Mike Brown, Interim Director, OEMS

Since November 2, I have had the privilege of serving as interim director of the NHTSA Office of EMS (OEMS). The past several weeks have only confirmed what I already knew: The OEMS staff, like you and thousands of other EMS professionals across the country, work tirelessly to support and improve EMS systems in order to better serve the public. Prior to joining NHTSA, I was no stranger to the impact EMS has on the daily lives of people in this country. I remember feeling relieved each time EMS arrived at the scene, ready to take care of the injured or sick, during my 32-year career with the California Highway Patrol. I knew that I could count on my public safety brothers and sisters to handle whatever situation we faced, whether it was something they saw every day or had never experienced. I feel the same way now, as interim director of the Office of EMS. Under former director Drew Dawson’s leadership, the office excelled at collaborating with members of the EMS community to address some of the most pressing issues facing the nation’s EMS system. While Drew has now retired from federal service, the dedication and skill of the OEMS staff has not changed. They remain committed to supporting you and the entire EMS profession, and as always our doors are open and we want to hear from you. The process of selecting Drew ’s successor is underway, but in the short-term, I am assisting the OEMS staff as interim director. If you need to reach me or just want to drop me a line, my email is michael.l.brown@dot.gov. The OEMS staff also welcomes any questions, and can be contacted here. During the search for a permanent director, my NHTSA colleague, John Marshall, will also serve as interim director of the Office of EMS. When he takes over we will be sure to let you know and provide contact information for John as well. John, like myself, has extensive public safety experience, having served as a Virginia State trooper and head of the U.S. Marshal service prior to joining NHTSA, where he directs the Office of Safety Programs. As I mentioned, I am no stranger to the world of public safety. As director of the NHTSA Office of Impaired Driving and Occupant Protection for the last six years, I know that we must do everything we can, not just to protect the public, but also to keep our public safety colleagues safe. The Office of EMS and their partners here at NHTSA have been engaged in some great research, analyzing years of crash report data to find ways to keep you safer; but we all know the most important thing we can do is to sit down and buckle up - in our cars and in the ambulance. I’d like to once again recognize and thank Drew for his many years of service, as an EMT, a state EMS official, and here at NHTSA. He set a great example for all of us. Stay safe, Mike