EMS Compass Kicks Off Effort To Design A System Of Performance Measurement


EMS Compass: Improving Systems of Care Through Meaningful Measures, the two-year cooperative agreement between the National Association of State Emergency Medical Services Officials (NASEMSO) and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to develop a system to design performance measures and improve care in EMS is underway.


“The ultimate goal of EMS systems and practitioners is to provide high-quality patient care, and this initiative will help provide tools to lead us toward that destination,” said NASEMSO Executive Director Dia Gainor.


The aim of EMS Compass is not only to develop a comprehensive set of performance measures, but to create a system to design and evaluate performance measures that will continue beyond the two-year scope of this project. The ultimate goal is not simply to create measures, but to allow for meaningful measurement that leads to improved quality of care. Much of this measurement is made possible by the standard data being collected everyday by ambulance services around the country.


The EMS Compass initiative officially launched earlier this year with a meeting of the steering committee, which is led by former Maryland Institute for EMS Systems (MIEMSS) Director Bob Bass, MD. The steering committee includes veteran EMS leaders as well as performance improvement experts from outside the field of emergency medical services.


EMS Compass held a town hall meeting at the EMS Today conference in Baltimore, providing an opportunity for members of the EMS community to provide input. Receiving feedback from stakeholders at all levels is a priority of EMS Compass committee members.


Along with future public meetings, the EMS Compass website, emscompass.org, will provide updates about the initiative and allow opportunities for EMS leaders and practitioners to get engaged and provide continuous input. The website also includes a list of members of the steering committee and other EMS Compass committees, which include the Project Execution Group, Measurement Design Group, Technology Developers Group, and the Stakeholder Communication Group.


As the initiative continues, new materials including individual performance measures and the performance measures dictionary and guidebook will be available for review and comment at emscompass.org.


To learn more, provide input or volunteer to support the initiative, visit the website to sign up for information and updates about the EMS Compass initiative and EMS performance measures.


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